Sitemap - 2023 - NPC Healthbiz Weekly

S10 E01 Roche’s Brigitte Nolet on Patient Centred Care: “Nothing for Patients Without Patients”

Would a Conservative government really sue pharma companies over the opioid crisis?

AbbVie celebrates 10 years in Canada

At the intersection of patient care and AI/machine learning in medicine

How AI will shake up pharma advertising

Intelligence gathering using AI in healthcare

Highlights from the 2023 NPC Winter Webinar: Emerging Uses of AI in the Life Sciences

2023 NPC Winter Webinar: Emerging Uses of AI in the Life Sciences

S09 E08 Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Trends in Healthcare

The rise of AI in the life sciences

S09 E07 Sustainability, Accessibility, and Optimal Patient Outcomes

Sustainability, accessibility, and optimal patient outcomes

Current legal issues and challenges in Canada’s healthcare sector

Developing multi-channel strategies for pharma’s emerging digital age

The importance of diversity and using race-based data in care

S09 E06 Current Legal Issues and Challenges in Canada’s Healthcare Sector

Building a work culture of empowerment and support

S09 E05 Developing Multi-channel Strategies for Pharma’s Emerging Digital Age

Empowering physicians by providing information tools

S09 E04 The Importance of Diversity and Using Race-Based Data in Care

Making connections and raising the bar for pharma

S09 E03 Building a Work Culture of Empowerment and Support

DE&I in the Life Sciences

S09 E02 Tying Marketing, Communications, and Healthcare Together

Implementing DE&I Culture

S09 E01 Making Connections and Raising the Bar for Pharma

The rise of the lay health influencer

The female perspective on the pharma industry

An inclusive approach to patient care

A Physician Perspective on Diversity