Sitemap - 2021 - NPC Healthbiz Weekly

S06 E01 Rolling Out the Covid Vaccines: One Year Later

Reimagining pharma’s role in supporting healthcare professionals

National pharmacare won't solve lack of access

Making medication access more patient-centric

The challenge of attracting and balancing Pharma investment in Canada

Using employee resource groups to foster diversity and inclusion

Rethinking Pharma’s approach to DEI

Defining DEI: using terminology and metrics to lead by example

Next from NPC: The Congress continues

Next from NPC: 15th Annual Congress preview

Revising the role of the rep

How staying six feet apart brought us closer

Creating a culture of leadership

What makes a great leader?

The Evolution of Pharma Leadership

Getting safely back to school (and elsewhere)

S05 E08 Combating Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Helping patients the vaccine can't protect

S05 E07 How Covid-19 Disrupted Cancer Patient Care

To serve and protect pharma production

S05 E06 Preventative Measures for the Pharmaceutical Production Line

Canada's pandemic-driven life sci strategy

S05 E05 The Post-Pandemic Life Sciences Landscape

Why medical cannabis should be covered by plans and payers: one doctor's view

S05 E04 The Emerging Role of Medical Cannabis

Funding life sciences development in Canada

S05 E03 The View From Bay Street: Life Sciences Investing in 2021

What makes us different, legally

S05 E02 Keeping It Legal: A Look at Life Sciences Laws and Regulations

How clinical trials are bringing breakthrough therapies to Canadian patients

S05 E01 Clinical Trials and CNS Research in Canada

Communicating health information to Canadian consumers

The post-Covid evolution of communication with external audiences

Building resilient healthcare systems in a post-crisis world

Pharma’s future in the post-Covid-19 world

The role of medical affairs in Pharma

S04 E08 Pharma's Future in the Post-Covid World

Bridging the gap between cancer research and patient care

S04 E07 The Role of Medical Affairs

The challenges of bringing rare disease therapies to Canada

S04 E06 Cancer Research and the Impact on Patient Care

Building a sustainable Life Sciences industry in Canada

S04 E05 Bringing Rare Disease Therapies into Canada

The pharma consultant’s role during Covid-19

S04 E04 Building a Sustainable Life Sciences Sector in Canada

Venture capital for the Life Sciences sector

S04 E03 Reflections on the Consultant's Role

Launching cancer treatments in Canada

S04 E02 Venture Capital for the Life Sciences

Covid-19’s effect on innovations in the Life Sciences industry

S04 E01 Bringing Anti-Cancer Therapies into Canada

Managing change and risks during Covid-19

Educating sales reps during Covid-19

Indigenous health during Covid-19

The silver lining of Covid-19

Covid-19’s impact on the med-tech sector

S03 E08 The Future of Life Sci Innovation in Canada

Keeping evidence current during Covid-19

S03 E07 Closing the Gap in Indigenous Health

Covid-19’s effect on Canada's health charities

S03 E06 Managing Change and Risk During Covid-19

Covid-19 and the opportunity for evolution in Pharma

S03 E05 The Future of Genomics and Life Sci in Canada

Covid-19’s influence on the government-LifeSci relationship

S03 E04 Switching From Pharma to Medtech

Managing Canada’s dual crises

S03 E03 Keeping Evidence Current During Covid-19

Hurdles upon hurdles: How to launch a pharma product during Covid-19

Manufacturing priorities during a post-Covid launch

S03 E02 Education of Sales Reps During Covid-19

Leadership in a post-pandemic environment

S03 E01 Health Charities and the Impact of Covid-19

Managing a career in Pharma in the age of Covid-19

How Covid-19 disrupts the Pharma industry

Demystifying PMPRB and Canada's regulatory process