Sitemap - 2022 - NPC Healthbiz Weekly

Lessons for Life Sciences Managers About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Make way for diverse pharma leaders

Assessing leadership in pharma

S08 E08 Implementing Business Practices That Are Just and Fair For All

More power to the patient

S08 E07 Carol Stiff on Leadership

New pharma ad guidelines coming in 2023

S08 E06 Patient Advocacy Through Lived Experience

Toward a new era of LifeSci innovation

S08 E05 Advancing Tech in the Life Sciences and Consulting

Keeping culture in focus

S08 E04 Emerging Science and Tech Trends in Pharma

What to expect at the upcoming 16th Annual National Pharmaceutical Congress

S08 E03 Meet the Panelists of the 16th Annual NPC

Building medication adherence through education and engagement

S08 E02 Patient Adherence and Data

Building a workplace for the modern era

S08 E01 The Post-Covid Workplace

Addressing fragmentation in Canada’s healthcare system

Navigating today’s world of work through relationships

How leaders can help manage mental health in the workplace

Building cultural competency through diverse hiring

How the pandemic worsened Canada’s opioid crisis

Intranasal vaccines: A new approach to Covid-19

Isotretinoin prescriptions face an uncertain future in a post-Roe world

Medicago’s vaccine rejected by WHO

Should Amazon have a key presence in healthcare?

Adapting to a pandemic-driven industry transformation

Starting small: How start-ups can overcome barriers to entering the pharma market

Building effective business development in pharma

Digital engagement of physicians can lead to more effective prescribing

Understanding digital communication for a new era

S07 E08 The Importance of Transferable Skills in Pharma

Addressing communication barriers in the pharmaceutical industry

S07 E07 Attracting Talent with Company Culture

Leading a start-up through crises

S07 E06 Pharmaceutical Licensing and Marketing

Digital technology in healthcare

The digital transformation of pharma

Confronting dual health crises

S07 E05 The Evolution of Drug Advertising

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the pharma business

S07 E04 Staying Agile and Responsive During Covid-19

Seizing career opportunities during the pandemic

S07 E03 Pharma’s Supply Chain Distribution

Nurses as advocates for improved healthcare

S07 E02 Leading a Small Pharma Business Through Covid-19

Skill sets Pharma needs for the “new normal”

S07 E01 The Healthcare and Biotech Landscape in 2022

Building a Pharma career in a changed world

Adapting to the new hybrid or remote workplace

How the patient perspective provides eye-opening insights for Pharma

Bridging differences from bench to boardroom

Canada’s Vaccination Status, One Year In

Career development through a learning mindset

Finding the balance between remote and in-person work

Owning your career and stepping out of your comfort zone

Innovating communication with stakeholders

S06 E08 Corporate Culture in Pharma

Emerging AI: From bench to bedside... to Big Data

S06 E07 Dealing with Dual Health Crises

Harnessing real world evidence to shape our future

S06 E06 Family Business in Pharma

Supporting and sustaining the relationship between government and industry

S06 E05 Prioritizing Patient-centricity in Leadership Positions

Reflections and hopes for the Pharma industry

S06 E04 The Role of Nurses in the Healthcare System

The Canadian biotech ecosystem post-Covid

S06 E03 Understanding the Cancer Patient Journey

Engaging with primary care: What have we learned?

S06 E02 From Bench to Boardroom

Redefining value in a post-Covid world