Danielle Portnik, Regional Business Director, International at Ambry Genetics, discusses the struggles and challenges that women still face in the pharma industry (1,300 words, 6 minutes)
Zal Press, Vice Chair and Patient and Community Advisory Committee at the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, on advocating for…
Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, Head of the Critical Care Department at The Ottawa Hospital, talks about his experiences as a Black physician in Canada at the…
The National Pharmaceutical Congress emphasized the importance of DI&E policies in the pharmaceutical industry (1,279 words, 6 minutes)
Expect a huge emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and belonging in pharma, says Brunel’s Angelina Brathwaite (1,090 words, 5 minutes)
Carol Stiff says she is still surprised when she is the only woman in a room of senior pharma leaders (1,175 words, 5.5 minutes)
S08 E08 Implementing Business Practices That Are Just and Fair For AllListen now (24 min) | Angelina Brathwaite, Senior Client Partner, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Leader for the Americas at Brunel, talks about…
Patients will influence more healthcare decisions, says Zal Press (1,185 words, 5.5 minutes)
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