S07 E04 Staying Agile and Responsive During Covid-19Listen now (25 min) | Jim Hall, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Covis Pharma, talks about teaching online classes, keeping employees focused during the pandemic and learning leadership skills from mentors.
Sandra Heller talks about professional growth (400 words, 2.5 min)
S07 E03 Pharma’s Supply Chain DistributionListen now (19 min) | Angelique Berg, President and CEO of the Canadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management, talks about advancing…
In time for National Nursing Week, Cathy Harley, RN affirms the crucial role of nurses in healthcare and society (410 words, 3 minutes)
S07 E02 Leading a Small Pharma Business Through Covid-19Listen now (28 min) | Joan Chypyha, Founder and CEO of Alto Pharmaceuticals, talks about her career journey in pharma, the agility of a small pharma…
A look at necessary post-pandemic skill sets from 2022 NPC Spring webinar panelists (460 words, 2.5 min)
S07 E01 The Healthcare and Biotech Landscape in 2022Listen now | Brian Bloom, CEO of Bloom Burton & Co., talks about the digitization of healthcare, drawing venture capital to Canada, and the annual Bloom…
2022 NPC Spring webinar panelists discuss new approaches to hiring, training, and networking for careers in Pharma (430 words, 2.5 min)
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